Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PLKK 4/2008 - Polkowice 64, Rybnik 51

Like lambs to the slaughter....

This game was a lot less close than it looked. Rybnik, going on the road and into Polkowice 3-0, was behind 16-5 at the end of the first quarter and down 40-18 at halftime. The fans at Polkowice really got their money's worth, seeing a replay of the Detroit Shock/Indiana Dream.

Hoo boy. If you look at Rybnik, you'll see that the bench is shallow to the point of non-existence. The bulk of minutes were earned by six players. Jia Perkins finally arrived at Rybnik and scored 14 points, but the only other player to score in double digits for Rybnik was Aleksandra Chomak with 15 points.

Actually, both sides shot horribly - Polkowice only shot 37 percent from the field but Rybnik scored a rock bottom 33 percent. (Who says that European teams shoot better than the W?) What's even more amazing is Polkowice was only sent to the free throw line six times by Rybnik. Rybnik was sent 22 times -- and hit 12 of them, for 54 percent free throw shooting. Rybnik was hitting nothing, and I mean nothing.

Polkowice had 16 steals compared to nine from Rybnik. They were outrebounded on the offensive boards 10 to six. If there were any significant part of the game from which Rybnik could be behind the eight ball, Rybnik had all the bases covered. Just an awful game.

Kasha Terry scored a grand total of three points in 30 minutes. She had 11 rebounds, but she also had six turnovers. Incidentally, she changed back to #35 from #10 in the game before, for some reason.

Polkowice were led by Justyna Jeziorna, Jillian Robbins and Amisha Carter. Robbins was clearly the player of the game, with 16 points and an amazing 18 rebounds.

Jillian Robbins graduated from Tulsa University in 2007 and has played in the Ukraine. Amisha Carter is a Louisiana Tech graduate who played for a cup of coffee in Detroit and New York and has played in the NWBL, Spain, Israel, Slovakia and Turkey.

You can find a set of pictures of today's game at this site. I'm really enjoying the coverage from Poland.

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Anonymous said...

Indiana Dream?

pt said...

Sorry. I clearly meant Atlanta Fever. :D

Anonymous said...

lol...Atlanta Dream, Indiana Fever
...yea, i miss the Dream too.