Saturday, October 11, 2008

PLKK 7/2008 - Gorzow 82, Rybnik 80

Undefeated Gorzow (6-0) came to visit a Utex Row Rybnik (3-4) team that had lost three straight games. It came down right to the fourth quarter but Gorzow would remain undefeated, beating Rybnik by two points on the road to remain in first place in the PLKK.

Rybnik started out hot, but Gorzow began a run in the second quarter to catch up and lead 20-18 after ten minutes. Gorzow continued strong in the second quarter, leading by over 10 points at one point of the game and leading 44-36 at the half.

After rest for a team that would only play seven players during the entire game, Rybnik began to come back, closing to within one point in the third quarter, then finally leading 56-55 at one point. However, Lindsay Taylor hit two free throws for Gorzow and took a 59-56 lead after the third quarter.

It would be Rybnik's job to try to close the gap. They came within one point, 67-66 with just over four minutes left, but Gorzow kept Rybnik at arms length.

Down 74-78, Rybnik hit a three-point shot to close back to within one, with Gorzow leading 78-77 with 15 seconds left. Rybnik was forced to foul Anna Breitreiner hit two free twos to take an 80-77 lead.

With only four seconds left, Rybnik again couldn't make the shot. This time, they sent Justyna Żurowska to the free throw line, who make both free throws to put the game out of reach. LaTangela Atkinson hit a last second three point shot as time expired, but it wasn't enough as Gorzow won 82-80.

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The game was evenly matched in just about every aspect - field goal percentage, offensive rebounding (with Utex Row having a slight edge), and turnovers. Why did they lose?

Most likely, because of free throws. Utex Row was 9-for-20 at the free throw line, a lousy 45 percent. Whereas Gorzow was 20-for-23, or 86 percent. This game was a prime example of a game being lost by free throw shooting.

I've still not been able to learn why only seven players ever take the court for Rybnik. Radwan, Moszkowicz, Stanek and Przekop did not play. Przekop has played three minutes all year, and Moszkowicz and Stanek haven't played much longer. Radwan has played 66 minutes in four games. I suspect Rybnik's season will be a disaster if seven players have to bear the load.

Kasha Terry had a grand total of three points in five rebounds. She only took four shots. The big gns were Elżbieta Międzik with 20 points and Jia Perkins had 21 points. LaTangela Atkins scored 14 for Rybnik.

As for Gorzow, Linsday Taylor had a double-double with 22 points and 14 rebounds. Taylor was born in California and is a tall figure (6' 8") in Polish basketball.

Anna Breitreiner scored 20 points for Gorzow. Shala Crawford, a player from Life University, scored 2 points in six minutes of play.

Utex Row remains in fifth place in the PLKK standings. The top eight teams go to the postseason in Poland. If I find pictures, I'll post them.

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