Saturday, October 25, 2008

LFB (France) 7/2008 - Union Hainaut 62, Aix-en-Provence 49

With Bourges and Tarbes both with 6-0 records, it would be a battle of two 4-2 teams attempting to secure third place. Union Hainaut (5-2) would come out on top with a 62-49 victory to move into third place in the Ligue Feminine all by themselves.

The boxscore for the game is here.

Aix-en-Provence led 32-30 at the half, but were held down 30-17 in the second half by the visting Union Hainaut squad. Don't think this was some sort of intricate game. Union Hainaut shot only 35 percent. Aix-en-Provence only shot 33 percent. It was one of those games know...someone had to win.

With all of those airballs, it was a high rebounding game. Union Hainaut won the offensive rebounding game 16 to eight and only turned the ball over five times in the entire game. That was where Union Hainaut won the game. Generally, field goal percentage can equal or outweigh all the other keys of the game; when neither team is shooting well little things mean an awful lot.

Part of the problem was that Aix-en-Provence could only dress seven players. Three of those players played over 35 minutes.

Who was the player of the game for Aix-en-Provence? Take your pick. No one was really impressive. Let's give it to the leading point scorer Renae Camino, who scored 13 points. K. B. Sharp, a guard for the Chicago Sky, scored seven points and four rebounds in forty minutes.

Kathy Wambe scored 16 points for Union Hainaut. Clémence Biekes added 5 points and Tiffany Stansbury scored 10 points and 13 rebounds for a double-dobule. Chioma Nnamaka scored only two points in over twenty minutes of play. Then again, she really wasn't needed that much.

Pictures will come soon. It's a good way to end a post.

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