Saturday, October 18, 2008

LFB (Spain) 4/2008 - Perfumerias 91, Ros Casares 86

Perfumerias knocks off one of their traditional rivals, Ros Casares.

Perfumerias (2-2) suited up only seven players this game, and they needed that week's vacation. Ros Casares (3-1), coming off winning a Euroleague game on Wednesday, had to travel on the road and took the loss by a score of 91-86.

Perfumerias outshot Ros Casares 51 percent to 44 percent. Normally, Ros Casares is a powerful rebounding team with Erika de Souza on the squad, but Perfumerias matched them on the boards 35-34. Both sides had an almost even number of turnovers.

At the charity stripe, Perfumerias was 27 for 32 wheras Ros Casares shot only 13 for 19. Ros Casares can usually overpower most teams, but I suspect that the Euroleague game on Wednesday simply drained Ros Casares.

Looking at the the quarter per quarter score, Perfumerias led 44-42 at the half. In the third quarter, Ros Casares hit a wall and fell behind 66-54. They appeared to have scrambled back in the fourth but couldn't overcome a 15-point deficit, Perfumerias's maximum lead in the game.

Erika de Souza was able to shoulder her share of the load. She scored 24 points and 16 rebounds, a double-double, shooting 65 percent from the floor. Laia Palau Altes scored 16 points and had three rebounds. However, only three players scored in double figures for Ros Casares. Delisha Milton-Jones scored only 6 points and fouled out in the fourth quarter. Roneeka Hodges scored zero points.

Perfumerias only dressed seven players - but two of those players were Le'coe Willingham and Michelle Snow. Willingham scored 18 points, joining Anke de Mondt for the best scorer for Perfumerias. Michelle Snow scored 11 points and had 12 rebounds, the only Perfumerias player to have a double-double.

The box score is here. Ros Casares will play Olesa (3-1) on Saturday. Pics will be added when I can find them.

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