Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WCBA 4/2008 - Beijing 95, Henan 72

Beijing (2-2) was hoping for a win at home, and they managed to make visiting Henan (2-2) the victim with a 95-72 victory to go to .500 in the WCBA.

The translated boxscore is right here.

Beijing's shooting percentage - 53 percent - was better than Henan's 45 percent, but more importantly, Beijing made 15 more field goals, testifying to Beijing's defensive skill. Henan only made 55 buckets the entire game.

Beijing also won the battle of rebound, both in offensive rebound and overall rebounding. Henan turned the ball over 22 times. The only aspect of the game that kept Henan from losing by forty was that they visited the free throw line 28 times to Henan's ten. It could be that the high number of fouls called against Beijing testified to Beijing's defensive intensity...either that, or Henan's overall weakness.

Zhang Wei led all players with 30 points. Zhang Fan scored 14 points and Zhang Lin each scored 10 points. Jennifer Lacy would only score five points in 15 minutes, four rebounds, and three steals.

Pan Li of Henan led the visitors with 23 points and six rebounds. Ji Yanyan scored 21 points, and Wang Jing scored six points and eight rebounds.

On Saturday, Beijing will play Jiangsu. Jennifer Lacy vs. Ann Strother, at long last.

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