Monday, October 6, 2008

Tamera Young Brings Her D to Spain

Some praise for Tamera Young by the coach of Extrugasa Vilagarcia:

The coach of Extrugasa, Isaac Fernandez, said after the match feeling "very happy because we had to face many complications, such as home debut at a track always difficult, as well as having physical problems with several players, such as Alexis, Tamera, Zlatanov and Sara." For technical Catalan, the key to victory for his team was "in the collective work was important throughout the game." At the individual level, Isaac pointed to several players. "Tamera did a great job on defense on Knezevic, in part, we made 17 points, but then, when Tamera was on it only scored 4." Isaac also highlighted a Jaklin Zlatanov, the best of the visitors yesterday in Las Palmas. "He was very good, it is important that a player can give a lot to talk." No time to enjoy this first win, very important as this is a potential rival who has lost from last year, Fernandez and think in the next envite. "Now we must endorse this triumph in the match on Wednesday in Fontecarmoa against Celta."

To sum it up, Adrijana Knezevik of Gran Canaria scored 21 points in Extrugasa's 65-63 win of Gran Canaria - but when Tamera Young was guarding Knezevik, Knezevik could only score 4 points. I would like to know what those "physical problems" were.

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