Sunday, October 19, 2008

TBBL 1/2008 - Ceyhan 86, Mersin 80 (OT)

Ivory Latta, always with a smile.

Undoubtedly, Ceyhan expected a lot out of "Ivory Rochelle Latta" after her first full-time year in the WNBA...and Latta delivered big, scoring 29 points to lead Ceyhan (1-0) to its first victory of the year over Mersin (0-1).

The box score for the game is here. The following key will help you follow Turkish box scores.

SÜre - Minutes
S - Points
2 Sayı - 2 point shots
3 Sayı - 3 point shots
SA - free throws
Rebaund - Rebounds
H: offensive rebounds
S: defensive rebounds
T: total rebounds
AS: assists
Tç: steals
TK: turnovers
BL: blocked shots
F: fouls

The tally for two and three points shots is kept separately in Turkish boxscores. Ceyhan, on the road for their first game, outshot Mersin 45 percent to 39 percent - Latta's 52 percent shooting certainly helped Ceyhan. Both teams had 42 rebounds, making the game a true battle of the boards. However, Ceyhan would turn the ball over more times (23 vs. 17) and at the free throw line, Ceyhand would shoot a miserable 45 percent compared to the 77 percent of Mersin.

So how did Ceyhan win? They probably won from the perimeter. Ceyhan's three point shooting was 11 for 29, whereas Merins was 5 for 17. That's 18 extra points for Ceyhan entirely on the strength of their three point shooting, and that was the key to the game.

Ceyhan took a 35-33 lead into halftime, but fell behind 57-52 after three quarters. They came back to tie the game 76-76 and outshot the home team 10-4 in the overtime period.

Ivory Latta led all scorers with 29 points and had five rebounds and two assists. Michelle Campbell had a double-double for Ceyhan with 13 points and 10 rebounds. (I don't know which Michelle Campbell this is - the one who played for USC? the one who played for Rutgers?) Hulya Özkan added 14 points.

Charel Allen (Sacramento Monarchs) would only add eight points. Tiffani Johnson, the ex-Tennessee player and cousin of Ivory Latta only scored six points but had 13 rebounds.

For Mersin, Allie Quigley, formerly out of DePaul University, led all scorers with 19 points. Olympia Scott (Phoenix Mercury and WNBA player since 1998) had 9 points and 11 rebounds for Mersin. Sariye Gokce had 14 points, and Mistie Williams (Houston Comets) picked up only 3 points in nine minutes of play.

Pics will be added when they can be found.

P. S. Rebecca corrected me regarding Olympic Scott's active status. "i haz a post, but i broked it."

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Rebecca said...

Mother of all that is sweet and holy, that site is pink.

Anyway, according to her profile, she was born in '84, which would make her class of '06, and therefore not the Michelle Campbell from USC who had some run with the Mystics in 1999 or 2000. They claim she's from Iowa, so she might be a third Michelle Campbell (as the previous confusion indicates, it's a common combination of names).

Olympia Scott would probably like to know why you don't consider her an active player. ;)

pt said...

Just as bad, the men's league site is baby blue. I suspect that the web designer sells baby clothes on the side.