Saturday, October 18, 2008

PLKK 8/2008 - Rybnik 67, Toruń 64

After four straight losses, Rybnik's (4-4) season had headed into a talespin, and they would have to go to (3-4) Toruń, which was looking to get its head above water. Down 57-45, Rybnik turned it up in the fourth quarter and managed to break a four-game losing streak by winning 67-64.

Rybnik recovered its shooting touch, outshooting Rybnik 45 percent to 34 percent. Rybnik would need that shooting. They could only match Toruń on rebounds (33-32, Toruń) and Toruń led in offensive rebounding 11-5. Rybnik's free throw shooting was also horrible, shooting only 57 percent to Toruń's 78 percent.

The decisive moment in the game - Rybnik starting the fourth quarter with a 13-0 run. Rybnik wanted to win this game, and they did win.

Nine Rybnik players would actually take the floor, but only six of them would actually score. The lion's share of the scoring was done by Rybnik's three American players.

Kasha Terry led all players with 16 points and six rebounds. Jia Perkins scored 14 points, six assists and had eight steals in the game. LaTangela Atkinson had eight points and seven rebounds. Elżbieta Międzik and Nataliya Trafimava each had 10 points for Rybnik.

Sheena Moore, a graduate of UNLV in 2006, scored 15 points and six assist. Jacqueline Moore, who might be a Canadian player, scored 13 points. Monika Krawiec added 14 points for Toruń.

The game boxscore is here.

Rybnik will play Poznan (2-5) at home in Rybnik next Saturday. When I find pics, I'll post them.

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Rebecca said...

I feel like I'm spamming you, but I've just been out of touch and in an inquisitive mood. Though the site doesn't list a size for her, I think she might be the Jackie Moore that Sacramento drafted out of Long Beach State in 2001- same birthdate.

pt said...

Don't feel like you're spamming. I'm just glad to have readers.