Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eurocup 1/2008 - Extrugasa 81, Ribera 67

Tamera Young brings Pigtail Power to Spain!

Extrugasa (1-0) had everything rolling against it. Problems at the forward position. No club money. No high expectations of Eurocup success. But maybe when you have nothing to lose, you play your best and Extrugasa beat visiting Italian team Ribera (0-1) 81-67 in front of a small home crowd of 350 spectators.

The boxscore of the game is here.

Looking at the quarter per quarter score, Extrugasa won or tied every single quarter. The Spanish team shot 55 percent from the field compared to Ribera's 48 percent. Furthermore, Ribera had 14 turnovers to Extrugasa's nine and Extrugasa took more free throws and more shots overall.

Tamera Young started the game and scored 26 points and five rebounds in 36 minutes. Sara Gomez contribued 21 points and three steals and four Extrugasa players scored in double figures. (Neither Victoria Sholokhova nor Meredith Alexis were on the team - I assume we can mark those players as "gone".)

As for Ribera - a Sicilian team - Jami Montagnino and Megan Moody each had 15 points. Montagnino is a player with dual American/Italian nationality who graduated from Tulane in 2007. Moody graduated from Tulsa in 2006 and signed with the Houston Comets in that year but as far as I know she never made the team. Other US graduates on the Ribera team include Molly Creamer, who graduated from Bucknell and was a first round draft pick for the New York Liberty in 2003 as well as Kaayla Chones who graduated from NC State and last played for the Seattle Storm in 2006.

Extrugasa's next Eurocup game is next Wednesday against Tarbes (1-0), a French team. The winner rules Group J. There are pictures of Tamera Young on the FIBA Europe website, but I'm at work waiting for a call, so I can't post any of them. Que lastima!

P. S.: They say the picture above is of Tamera Young, but I don't believe it.

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