Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Women's Pro Ball Team in Atlanta?

A website for the local American Basketball Association team in Atlanta - the Atlanta Vision - suggests on their website that they will have a women's team soon. Is the ABA moving into women's basketball?

There's a poll up on the front page:

Who will win more games this season, the Atlanta Vision Men's Team or the new Atlanta Vision Women's Team?

Vision Women's Team
Vision Men's Team
Both teams will bring home the championship banner

I can't find about anything about this hypothetical women's ball club, although I assume that if the team existed, it would be paid in American currency and sell tickets.

However, I have found about about the American Basketball Association - you should reconsider any emotional connection you have with the old ABA of Dr. J. It appears the only connection is the red-white-and-blue ball.

Columnist A. J. Walling of Canada's has some harsh words for the league:

Chris Munson is a freelance sports writer who lives in Vermont and has followed the fortunes or misfortunes of the ABA.

"Needless to say, this is a league that has some serious issues. Since the rebirth of the ABA in 2001, over 170 teams have folded, disbanded or fallen into other state of disrepair. As far as the Halifax franchise goes, I may not agree with the timing of their departure from the ABA, but I cannot argue with their decision to leave the league," is what Munson told

We furthermore get this wonderful news about Vision Management from Gracie Bonds Staples of the AJC:

The co-owner of the minor league Atlanta Vision basketball team is being sued by two former business partners, who allege he cheated them out of $200,000, according to a lawsuit filed in Gwinnett County Superior Court.

So will there be a second women's pro basketball team in Atlanta? I give it a five percent chance. Even if it falls through, it's pleasant to think that women's pro ball is being look at as a potential money maker, even if the money makers are under threat of lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

I would place the odds at zero percent. This guy is a complete storyteller. I hope no women get suckered into a tryout for a fictional team. Who knows, maybe there is some small time league that he can join for zero investment and claim to be playing "pro basketball" but it will likely just be embarassing...