Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LFB (Spain) 2/2008 - Ros Casares 76, Seu d'Urgell 59

Ros Casares (2-0), one of the best teams in Spain, picked up a road win against Seu D'Urgell (0-2). We bring you the results right here.

Erika de Souza wouldn't play much of this game, probably due to stomach flu. She only played 10 minutes, scoring zero points and five rebounds. Elene Tornikidou led all Ros Casares players with 18 points. Roneeka Hodges scored 12 points (behind Jana Vesala's 14 points).

This would be the first game with Delisha Milton-Jones playing for Ros Casares. She only scored four points in five minutes of play.

As for home team Seu D'Urgell, Seu D'Urgell is virtually a Brazilian All-Star team. Probably the most familiar of the group is Kelly Santo, who led with 19 points. SIlvia Santos Luz scored 14 points, the only other player in double digits.

It's rare that you see a team with 44 percent shooting losing at the women's game. That's because Ros Casares shot 53 percent. They led in offensive rebounds 7-2 and in fewest turnovers, 21-29. Maria Rovira Rodriguez lost the ball seven times for Seu D'Urgell.

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