Saturday, October 18, 2008

LFB (Spain) 4/2008 - Ibiza 56, Extrugasa 44

Extrugasa (2-2) had a chance to come home and establish themselves in the league. Instead, it was Ibiza (2-2) that got a chance to fight their way to .500 as Extrugasa lost a low-scoring game at home, 56-44.

Why was it such a low-scoring game? Becasue both teams shot horribly. Ibiza only shot 38 percent - but Extrugasa shot only 25 percent. Agggh. Ibiza beat them on the boards as well, and at least matched Extrugasa on offensive rebounds. Extrugasa had one more turnover than Ibiza as well.

Extrugasa went to the free throw line more times, but only shot 68 percent. Ibiza hit 87 percent of its free throws, giving both teams 13 free throw points and negating Extrugasa's advantage.

Leading Extrugasa players was Tamera Young with 10 points. It took 17 shots (11 FGA, 6 FTA) to make those 10 points. Young's shooting was emblematic of Extrugasa's shooting. She was the only Extrugasa player to score in double digits, but it appears that she's still having trouble with the dribble, turning over the ball five times. Sara Gomez Ferreiros shored eight points and five rebounds. Meredith Alexis only scored two points in 10 minutes.

As for Ibiza, Anna Gomez Igual and Silvia Morales Martin scored 10 points each. Sequoia Holmes, a rookie forward for the Houston Comets, only scored two points in 20 minutes for Ibiza.

Boxscore for the game is here. I'll post pictures when I can find them, but I haven't found a single picture of Extrugasa yet. I'll keep looking.

Extrugasa will play Zaragosa (1-3) next Saturday.

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