Friday, October 31, 2008

Extrugasa: Running Out of Gas

From, an article about the struggles that Extrugasa is going through with injuries.

The Extrugasa could not give the surprise in Tarbes and fell clearly defeated in a match where the team arousano sank in the last quarter. "We ran out of gasoline, it is normal, with eight players is very difficult to compete with teams in Europe as the Tarbes." Isaac Fernandez was resigned after the match in France. "I'm not angry, quite the contrary, I am happy with the effort he has made the team, I think we did a very good first quarter, were the best minutes of the game of the season, which ocurrre is that after we were paying for the effort and physical problems were emerging. I believe that we can not compete more than we are doing. " The aftermath of the party of the continental competition are considerable. "Zlatanov continues with discomfort in his foot, Tamer has banged a thigh and limps, Katia also had discomfort in his foot, while Sara is exhausted."

Fatigue is not only about the escort vilagarciana. "We have been since Saturday at 4 am away from home, with two games, travel by train, truck, airplane ... and now we have another rival complicated Fontecarmoa Sunday." And is that the Extrugasa, after paying visit to the leader of the French League, must now play with the Spanish, the Madrid Rivas. Another party will be demanding, difficult to win, more so in the physical conditions in which they are the players. "This morning will rest in the afternoon session we will make a soft, it will be Saturday morning when we prepare the game against Rivas." Isaac acknowledged that "under these conditions the European competition comes just a little, is too harsh for a template as short as ours."

One of the problems is that as a Eurocup team, Extrugasa has to play two times a week - non Euroleague/Eurocup teams are playing only one day a week now. A WNBA team might think that two games a week, spaced evenly apart, is a luxury - but the Spanish teams don't take flights everywhere.

Tamera Young is limping. Not good.

Bonus Material: An article from a sports journalist in Spain about journalistic ethics. Looks like the Spanish set a higher standard than the US, where rumor is passed off as hard fact on a regular basis.

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