Sunday, October 12, 2008

LFB (Spain) 3/2008 - Extrugasa Vilagarcia 76, Estudiantes 70

The women of Extrugasa (2-1) had a special Sunday road game, facing winless Estudiantes (0-3). Extrugasa ended up on top, 76-70 to move into fifth place in the Spanish league.

The biggest problem coach Isaac Fernandez of Extrugasa had to face was Victoria Sholokhova - one of his own players. Sholokhova had not adapted to either Spain or to the team, and had played a grand total of three minutes the entire year. Rumor had it that Sholokhova would be cut, and surely enough, Sholokohova was not on the roster during today's game.

At halftime, the score was 39-38 Estudiantes. Estudiantes added four more points in the third quarter to take a 60-55 lead. And then the bottom fell out, as Extrugasa outscored Estudiantes 21-10.

It was rumored that Fernandez would move Meredith Alexis to the "4" spot that Sholokhova formerly played. Alexis would only score four poitns in 12 minutes, and turn the ball over four times.

Extrugasa would outshoot Estudiantes 51 to 46 percent, but Estudiantes would earn nine offensive rebounds to Extrugaasa's six. Both teams turned the ball over 19 times, and Extrugasa was only marginally better on the free throw line, 68 percent to 64 percent.

Tamera Young of Extrugasa would score 22 points with five rebounds and two assists. However, she turned the ball over six times, and might not have been the best player for Extrugasa that day. Maria Gomez Novo, who scored 17 points, four rebounds, and only five turnovers would also be a contender for the best Extrugasa had to offer.

Leah Rush led Estudiantes with 19 points and 9 rebounds. Rush, an Oklahoma University graduate, played briefly for the Chicago Sky this year. EVeryone else on Estudiantes scored in single digits. Brooke Wykcoff, also of the Chicago Sky, only added four points but hit the boards for nine total rebounds.

The boxscore for the match is here. It looks like Tamera had a great game. Pics will come when I can find them. Go Extrugasa!


Happy 2 Be Me said...

I hear Tamera is having to adjust to the European way of playing ball which is the reason for many of her turnovers. The rule that you have to dribble before you can move either foot is something she's adjusting to. Other than that sounds like she had a great game.

pt said...

happy, I concur. I remember reading in her blog post on Dream Diary that she had trouble with travel calls and dribbling rules. Despite that, it seems like she's becoming if not the lead player on Extrugasa, one of the real leaders.

We look forward to having her back and by the looks of her blog at Dream Diary, there are a lot of people rooting for her. (And I hope she finds something to eat in Spain other than Cheetos. :D)