Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Euroleague 1/2008 - Union Hainaut 78, Prague 62

Told you I'd find a bitter pic. The large version is here.

Union Hainaut had a tough going against Prague for the first three minutes. After that, one of the toughest teams in France delivered their first victory in Euroleague play with a 78-62 win.

The write up is here .

Frankly, Prague couldn't hit anything. When Union Hainaut shoots 50 percent and Prague shoots 35 percent, it's going to be an uphill climb for Prague. Union Hainaut also outrounded Prague 42-31 and with that, they could afford to be sloppy in some aspects of the game - free throws and turnovers. Prague had an advantage there, but not enough to overcome Union Hainaut's fundamental play.

Union Hainaut won every quarter except for the last, and spread the playing time around. Not a single Union Hainaut player racked up more than 30 minutes of play.

Chioma Nnamaka led all scorers with 12 points for Union Hainaut. (Only in Euroleague could Nnamaka outplay Lindsay Whalen of Prague.) Nnamaka had four rebounds, but also four turnovers. Kathy Wambe and Sabrina Reghaissa each had 11 points. Tiffany Stansbury added six points and six rebounds for the winners.

As for Prague, Sonya Kireta scored 16 points and Evanthia Malsi scored 15 points. Lindsay Whalen added 11 points in her first game of Euroleague play.

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