Friday, October 24, 2008

More Pictures from Samsun in the TBBL

Another picture from the Beşiktaş-Samsun game. Alison Bales, looking very unflattering in the light, is in the black uniform at the right.

I've found the website for the Samsun basketball team. Those pictures are much better. My favorite pictures are:

Who says men don't watch women's basketball?

Alison Bales learns the buddy system with Nesibe Uzun (#12) and Pelin Incel (#10).


Ethan said...

If the 2008 Olympics were any indication, non-USA men are much more equitable about supporting women's b-ball. But we knew that, right?

pt said...

Hey, even George W. Bush saw the US women's team at the 2008 Olympics. But then again, maybe he should have been doing something else.

And yeah, every picture of a European women's game has about 95 percent men in the audience.