Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meredith Alexis on Her Way Out at Extrugasa

From this translated article, and others, it appears that Extrugasa Vilagarcia is not happy with its 2-2 start.

The club got rid of Victoria Sholokhova and they'll also be getting rid of Meredith Alexis. Supposedly, Alexis claimed to be 1.95 meters tall but when they measured her height, she just barely made 1.90 meters. That's almost two inches shorter than she claimed to be. Alexis's performance - 12 points and 10 rebounds over 55 minutes of play - hasn't convinced anyone at Extrugasa that Alexis is the solution at the "4" spot.

Supposedly, there have been some discipline problems involving Alexis as well. She will be removed "because of its lack of attidue and low sport performance" (this is a translation). In addition, she's one of the more expensive players at Extrugasa.

Here's the problem: how will this affect Tamera Young? Alexis and Young were teammates at James Madison. My suggestion to Extrugasa is that they need to get another American player, and soon, hopefully a rookie to international play. Someone with a quiet, somewhat shy personality with whom Young can bond with. If they don't, they might lose two players.

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