Wednesday, October 8, 2008

PLKK 6/2008 - Krakow 62, Rybnik 45

I thought about blocking Chamique, but she said no, no, no....

Utex Row Rybnik (3-3) might have had its dreams of quick glory ended by a 62-45 defeat at the hands of Wisla Can Pack Krakow (4-1). The win puts Krakow in second place in the PLKK, and hands Utex Row Rybnik their third straight loss.

Neither team shot very well, with Krakow only hitting 36 percent of their shots - but Krakow turned on the defense and held Rybnik to just 32 percent. They fougnt an even battle on the offensive boards but the battle was won at the free throw line. Krakow was 17 for 23 at the free throw line; Rynik was 2 for 8. Take the free throws away and Krakow only wins by two points.

Rybnik can certainly rebound. LaTangela Atkinson had 9 points and 7 rebounds, and Kasha Terry had 7 points and 8 rebounds. Unfortunately, Kasha only shot 3 for 9 and she racked up four fouls - it only takes five fouls to foul out in Europe, and Terry was only on the court for 21 minutes.

Jia Perkins scored 11 points, which, believe it or not, led all players for Rybnik. She also had 3 assists.

The leading scorers for Krakow were Dominique Canty with 18 points. Ewelena Kobrin scored 14 points and 8 rebounds.

Chamique Holdsclaw scored 10 points in just 22 minutes of play. (She had four fouls) If you're not aware, Holdsclaw has more or less made Poland her permanent basketball place of residence.

Rybnik only had 11 assists the entire game. At least this beat the five assists they had in the loss to Polkowice. They have been "out-assisted" by the other team in every game.

The loss drops Utex Row to sixth place in the PLKK. Only the top eight teams go to the postseason.

Of course, there will be more pictures when I have more.

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