Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Euroleague 2/2008 - Sibenik 79, Union Hainaut 70

Is it the Euroleague shuffle? No, it's Kerri Gardin (in red) doing her stuff.

It was a small crowd, only 480 spectators in Croatia. It probably didn't relieve the sting of the loss, as Union Hainaut (1-1) lost to Sibenik (1-1) 79-70 in the second game of Euroleague play.

The game report is here. The boxscore is here.

Sibenik, as I reported earlier, had a 60-36 lead at halftime. They shot 65.7 percent in the first half of the game, with 81.2 percent from two point range. That was frightening. Clearly, Union Hainaut had no interior defense, and shooting 41 percent in the first half didn't help. After that, it was just Sibenik marking time until the final buzzer sounded.

The report, however, states that they astonishingly led 74-51 after three quarters, but scored only five points in the fourth quarter. Union Hainaut got to within 75-68 with 1:17 remaining, but Sibenik woke up from their nap, and that was that.

Sibenik would finish with 49 percent shooting, compared to the 38 percent shooting of Union Hainaut. Union Hainaut beat Sibenik in offensive rebounding (18-11) and turnovers (21-22), but not significantly enough to overcome their horrible shooting.

Kerri Gardin, a rookie forward for the Connecticut Sun this year, led Sibenik with 28 points and 11 rebounds and played the entire game. Constance Jinks, a former guard from UNLV, scored 15 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds.

Kathe Wambe lead with 16 points and had seven steals for Union Hainaut. She would be the only player who would score in double figures. Chioma Nnamaka would only score seven points, Bernadette Ngoyisa scored nine points, and Tiffany Stansbury added six points.

Union Hainaut will play Gyndia (currently 0-1 before tomorrow's game with Ekaterinburg) next Thursday, October 30th, at home at Valenciennes.

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Kerri Gardin was just awsome!!!!! And Jinks too!