Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures from Liaoyang/Jiangsu

Bian Lan of Jiangsu gets one of her three rebounds.

We actually have some nice pictures from the Liaoyang/Jiangsu game right here. It looks pretty well attended. Liaoyang is in white, Jiangsu is in green.

Note that there are no pictures of Ann Strother anywhere. From the few pictures I've seen, I suspect that the WCBA prefers that "homegrown" talent be highlighted rather than any "foreign aid". Chasity Melvin deserved to be MVP of the first week of the WCBA but the award was given to a Chinese player instead.

By the way, we have an interesting comment from someone anonymous who might be "in the know" about how Ann is doing in China.

Ann left last Sat for China----24hr flight from her hometown---14 hr differential timewise from Colorado. Is loving China and its people, not so sure about eating sparrow and eel, but gradually getting used to the cuisine!!! :)

Why does "sparrow and eel" sound like an Iron Chef challenge? Maybe we should start a Twinkie fund for Ann. "Send all snack foods to...!"

P. S.: Post #400!

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