Monday, October 13, 2008

Basketball This Week

Here's a list of the basketball on tap this week. Whether I can get results - particularly in the case of China and Turkey - is still not known.


Ros Casares (Spain) vs. Gydnia (Poland), Euroleague play, qualifying round
Union Hainaut (France) vs. Prague (Czech Republic), Euroleague play, qualifying round


LFB(Spain): Extrugasa (2-1) vs. Ibiza (1-2)
LFB(Spain): Perfumerias (1-2) vs. Ros Casares (3-0)
LFB(France): Clermontois (2-3) vs. Union Hainaut (4-1)
PLKK: Torun (3-3) vs. Rybnik (3-4)
WCBA: Guangdong vs. Beijing - debut of Jennifer Lacy


TBBL: Samsun vs. Galasaray (17-5 last year) - debut of Alison Bales
TBBL: Mersin (13-9 last year) vs. Ceyhan (11-11 last year) - debut of Ivory Latta

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