Monday, October 20, 2008

TBBL Game One Pictures

Ivory Latta shoots over a Mersin defender...maybe Allie Quigley?

Alison Bales watches as Nesibe Uzun (#12) drives past a defender.

We finally have some pictures up from the Turkey Women's Basketball League. The full set is currently on the TBBL page of the combined Turkey Basketball League website.

I can't say how long these pictures will stay up. While you still can, look for your favorite players. Note: there is still one Alison Bales and one Ivory Latta pic that I haven't posted!


Anonymous said...

can u post the ivory latta pic please?????????

Anonymous said...

in picture #1, that is not allie quigley

pt said...

I can't figure out who that player is. Since I can't see her number or her face, it's hard to tell.