Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alison Bales Signs Her Contract in Turkey

Alison Bales signed her contract with Turkish Women's Basketball League (TBBL) club Samsun. The other woman in the picture is Adeola Olenwaraju, a Turkish player. Julie McBride will also be playing for Samsun this year. McBride graduated from Syracuse in 2004 and has been playing in the TBBL ever since.

There's more information at this article, if you can read Turkish...and I can't. Alison Bales looks like death warmed over in these photos, like she just got off the plane or just woke up three minutes before the pictures were taken.

P. S. In the earlier version of this post, I had Adeola Olenwaraju listed as of Turkish nationality. Commenter Grassroots corrected this, stating that Olenwajaru is an American of Nigerian descent. (I concluded that Olenwaraju was Turkish because I thought she played for the Turkey junior women's team, and assumed that that required Turkish nationality.)


Grassroots said...

Adeola Olenwaraju is not Turkish. The Turkish article says she also is an American of Nigerian descent.

pt said...

Grassroots, thanks for the heads-up.

Hopefully, the corrected version of the post is closer to the truth. I have to depend on free Turkish-English translation websites to get any translations, and both the translations and my own detective work have been known to fail.

BTW - if you can read Turkish or are of Turkish nationality, do you know when the season starts? Has a schedule been posted?