Saturday, October 18, 2008

WCBA 1/2008 - Guangdong 74, Beijing 66

Who is the mysterious Mimi Brown?

The Beijing (0-1) team traveled to Guangdong (1-0) for the first game of the WCBA season. Beijing found themselves behind in the first half and despite better play in the second half, couldn't make the comeback and lost on the road 74-66.

The boxscore is here: and surprisingly enough, it translates quite well into an English boxscore.

Unfortunately, the box score doesn't tell you if three point shooting is a subset of two point shooting, or if two-point and three-point shooting is completely separated. It doesn't matter because Guangdong shot marginally better, and they absolutely dominated Beijing on the boards, 48-28. Guangdong hit - and shot - more free throws than Beijing.

The only reason that Beijing kept the game close was because the Aluminum Dolphins of Guangdong could not hold on to the ball. (Perhaps their hands were slick from dolphin juice.) Guangdong had 22 turnovers to just eight for Beijing. I think it's been a long time since I've seen a team only have eight turnovers in a game.

For Beijing, Zhang Fan led all scorers with 22 points and 8 rebounds. Jennifer Lacy - listed as Jennifer Rashid - had 15 points in just three quarters of play, good enough to be the second-leading scorer.. She had 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Zhou Honghua added 10 points and six assists.

Guangdong won despite being incredibly shorthanded. They only had seven players to suit up, and they played all of them.

A mystery player known only as "Stefano search. Mimi BROWN" scored 14 points for Guangdong. We know that SSMB was born in January 1976. There are only two WNBA players who were born in January 1976, according to pilight's WNBA player register - Jae Cross and Rita Williams. Neither of those women are 1.91 meters tall (6'3"). If you know who this mystery player is, let the WNBA know - she also scored 16 rebounds and three assists.

Five Guangdong players scored in double figures - no mystery when only seven players have suited up. The best of the group was probably "Huang Huang Loquat" (who may or may not be foreign) who scored 12 points and 10 rebounds.

Beijing will play Qujing Yunan (0-1) in Qujing on October 21st in their next game.

P. S. The insane board posters at RebKell have figured out the identity of Mimi Brown - she's Chasity Melvin, a forward for the Chicago Sky. She's the right height, and was born in 1976. It appears that the WCBA got the birthdate wrong.

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