Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rybnik Hits Wall of Exhaustion, Falls 64-51 to Polkowice

Rybnik's 3-0 start came to an end a few moments ago, despite the addition of Jia Perkins to the Rybnik lineup for the first time. Rybnik had been playing short handed all through their first three games. I suspected that Polkowice had more fresh bodies to throw at them, that and Polkowice was looking for their first win this year after starting 0-2.

Rybnik was behind 16-5 after the first quarter, and from that moment on, they were watching Polkowice's hindquarters. Kasha Terry only scored three points for Rybnik despite playing 30 minutes. More on this game later.

I'm waiting for an actual score of the Union Hainaut vs. Challes-les-Eauxs, a game which won't start until 2 pm EST.

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