Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LFB 2/2008 - Union Hainaut 67, Challes-Les-Eaux 62

Most likely, Hainaut (2-0) went to visit Challes-Les-Eaux (1-1) and squeaked away with a victory. Challes-Les-Eaux was down 31-23 at the half and didn't seem to do much of a job of catching up.

Union Hainaut outshot Challes-Les-Eaux 46 percent to 41 percent and outrebounded their oppoents 47-32. However, Union Hainaut sent Challes-Les-Eaux to the free throw line 13 times as compaired to UH's seven and led in turnovers 21-17.

It appears that Bernadette Ngoyisa has finally showed up, listed inexplicably as "Ngoyisa Mundj". As for Chioma Nnamaka, she scored 2 points. Attempted five shots. Had a couple of steals, but otherwise atrocious shooting.

No pictures yet. As far as the French are concerned, this game is a state secret.

Another familiar name might be Kirby Copeland of Virginia Tech, playing for Challes-Les-Eaux. Copeland formerly played for the Rhonnda Rebels of English Basketball, where she scored over 20 points a game. Not this time. She scored zero points in 18 minutes, and turned the ball over five times for Challes-Les-Eaux.

The file of the game can be found at this link.

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