Friday, October 3, 2008

Where In The World is Erika Cristina De Souza Machado?

We have some more information about the off-season for Atlanta Dream players.

Dream Diary (the official Atlanta Dream blog) points us to this page, called "Where In the World Is Your Atlanta Dream?" It lists each Dream player and lists where they'll be playing for the overseason, if the information is known.

We know more about Jennifer Lacy. She will be playing for the Beijing Shougang of the WCBA. According to the Women's Chinese Basketball Association website, it appears that the nickname of the Beijing team is the "Great Wall". From what I can tell by looking at the all-Chinese symbols schedule, Beijing's season starts with a game against Guangdong on October 18th.

News from Spain: Ros Casares seems to have won something called the Supercopa in Spain. More on that when I have time to figure out what it is. Erika scored a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds. As soon I can can figure out how to translate a Spanish boxscore, even more info. (I like the fact that the boxscores give the full name. Who knew Roneeka Hodges's middle name was 'Rayshell'?)

P. S. - I believe the Supercopa is a competition between the regular season winner from the previous year, the winner of a special mid-season tournament from last year, and two other top teams. Ros Casares is looking pretty damned good....

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