Saturday, October 4, 2008

PLKK 5/2008 - Gdynia 79, Rybnik 62

Aleksandra Chomac asks "whose little girl are you?"

Utex Row (3-2) has to go north and loses their second game in a row to Lotos PKO BP Gdynia (3-1). Oddly enough, one receives two points for a win and one for a loss, so Rybnik technically holds on to second place in the PLKK.

An English language boxscore is here

Rybnik shot 44 percent...but Gdynia shot 56 percent, which pretty much sealed the victory. They outrebounded Rybnik 35-30.

Jia Perkins is finally in the rotation for Rybnik, but it seems that Rybnik's strategy became "get the ball to Perkins and let her make shots". Perkins scored 28 points, but had a grand total of one assist. There were only nine assists for the entire Rybnik team. Gdynia had 22.

Aleksandra Chomac and Kasha Terry had 10 points each, but it took Kasha 14 shots to score those 10 points. She would lead all Rybnik players with nine rebounds. LaTangela Atkinson had only 7 points and turned the ball over seven times for Rybnik.

Ivana Matovic lead Gdynia with 20 points. The only American player on Gdynia is Jennifer Fleischer, a former center from the University of Pennsylvania, who was a DNP-Coach's Decision.

The next game for Rybnik is against Wisla, which is 3-1 and in third place. This game might determine whether Rybnik is a contender, or a pretender.

And game pictures? They're right here. Polish basketball fans are fan-tastic!

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