Saturday, October 4, 2008

LFB (Spain) 1/2008 - Extrugasa Vilagarcia 65, Gran Canaria 63

Extrugasa (1-0) goes on the road and barely squeaks to a win over home team Gran Canaria (0-1) 65-63.

Box score is here.

Gran Canaria actually outshot Extrugasa 43 percent to 39 percent. Both teams rebounded about equally, 34 for Gran Canaria and 35 for Extrugasa, but Extrugasa had the greatest number of offensive rebounds. Gran Canaria turned over the ball more, 22 to 17, which might have been the key to Extrugasa's win.

We have no play by play. We don't know if it was back and forth in the last corner or if one team or the other staged a come-back. The box score is actually missing the quarter by quarter score.

For Extrugasa, Jaklin Zlatanova led with 14 points. Tamera Young followed with 12 points, and former James Madison standout Meredith Alexis added six points.

Believe it or not, Meredith Alexis's stats were actually better than Young's. Tamera scored 12 points, but it took 15 shots to do it. She went 4 for 12 for only 33 percent shooting. She also led the team in turnovers (with five) and only had one rebound.

Gran Canaria had Tiina Sten score 5 points and 8 rebounds. Sten was signed as a rookie by the Los Angeles Sparks but was released before the season started. Adrijana Kzenevic led Gran Canaria with 21 points and 7 rebounds.

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Rebecca said...

*squee alert*

OMG Tiina! Petrel, thank you so much- she's St. John's '08, and I'd been wondering what she was up to. Gran Canaria- oh, that's a good place for her to land. Ashley Battle's old team, I think. Or maybe Wyckoff's. One of those two.