Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dream Holding Exit Meetings Today

@chold1 Just waking up. Just wanna kick it with my Moms and stepdad 2 day. I got this exit interview at 330 with the Dream then I'm a free woman.

It looks like the Dream is scattering to the four corners of the world stating today. Chamique Holdsclaw has a few things to say about it on Twitter:

@chold1 Headed out to Suwanee for this meeting which shud be quick. I'm taking my family out to eat after I can't wait.

Unfortunately, her meeting gets held up.

@chold1 Pissed these meetings have ran over smh. I got things 2 do with da fam. My meeting was at 330 and its 2 people ahead of me.

And the frustation starts to kick in....

@chold1 Exit meetings are a formal way of sayin goodbye see u nex season. Half da stuff dat is said is strait B.S. That's my opinion afta 10 yrs.

I think at that point, I'd just leave Meadors my e-mail address. "Have fun, Coach! See you next year!"


Ethan said...

I presume "smh" = "so many hours"? I'm not "hip" to the "lingo" the young people are using these days.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

Smh= shaking my head