Monday, September 14, 2009

For Once, the AJC Dreams Positive

Surprise of surprises! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution actually reported positively on the relocation of the Atlanta Dream's opening round playoff games to Gwinnett Center. Granted, it got moved to the "Inside Access" section but it's there! And with a nice playoff photo, too!

Contracts are contracts, but evicting a team from its home arena for its first-ever playoff outing is a disappointment. After talking with Tonya Alleyne, the team’s vice president of media relations, it seems less like a failure to plan and more like a failure to dream big enough for this team.

In its first season, the Dream finished with league-record 30 losses. This year, they clinched the second seed in the Eastern Conference and made the second-biggest turn-around in league history. They’ll play the 2008 champions, the Detroit Shock.

Nobody expected it to happen in year two, Alleyne said, because it never does.

“We’re very happy to have this problem,” Alleyne said. “We’ll play wherever they will put us. We’ll play on a playground.”

I'd like to make an official request to the AJC - we need Jamie Gumbrecht to cover the Dream. Or just put Dream game results in the "Inside Access" section. The Sports Department at the AJC ain't worth a.....


afoundingfan said...

Gettin' ready to send Jamie a thank you note...with request to smack the Sports Department upside the head.

Anonymous said...

The sports department is at its worst regarding covering the Dream when they simply take the AP report. Obviously, the reporter was not at the game (I was)because he only reported the stats in his write-up, leaving out that Shalee Lehning was Player of the Game for the first time.

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