Monday, October 11, 2010

Iziane to Play in Turkey

We now have as complete a player update of Atlanta Dream players overseas as we can get from the Atlanta Dream website.

The previous list:

Alison Bales: Union Hainaut, France
Erika de Souza: Perfumerias, Spain
Yelena Leuchanka: AZS Gorzow, Poland
Sancho Lyttle: Perfumerias, Spain
Angel McCoughtry: MKB Euroleasing, Hungary
Brittainey Raven: Lattes Montpelier, France

In addition, we have Iziane Castro Marques signing with Besitkas in Turkey. However, I found a website that states that Iziane is playing with the "Arsenal" team, and the Turkish Basketball Website is no help. We'll assume that the DFO knows the score.

This leaves four players. Shalee Lehning will be in her second year as an assistant coach at Kansas State. The lead sentence is "Shalee Lehning enters her second season as an assistant coach on Deb Patterson's staff", confirming that she'll be on the sidelines of K-State in the off-season.

Armintie Price will also go back to coaching in the off-season for Mississippi State. Price - known as Armintie Price Herrington on the Ole Miss coaching staff page - might be working as a guards coach this year.

We still know nothing about what Coco and Kelly Miller will be doing this off-season.