Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Official Closing of the Blog

If you haven't guessed, there's been a dearth of activity here at the Pleasant Dreams Blog. Generally, when the Dream basketball season ended it was hard to fill the blog with content. Furthermore, changes in my life made it difficult to find opportune times to post, as you can read in this previous comment.

But now, I've decided to make the big decision to change my location. I will no longer be blogging at the Pleasant Dreams Blog. I shall instead be blogging at Swish Appeal, a website which is devoted to both professional and college women's basketball. When the 2011 Atlanta Dream season starts, you will find all of the content devoted to the Dream at that blog instead of at this one.

Furthermore, I am also covering women's college basketball for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. If you ever wanted to hear what my voice sounds like, or listen to my unfortunate stutter, you can go to this post and hear the dulcet tones of Petrel bothering Georgia Tech head coach MaChelle Joseph.

But you won't just find me there. You'll find a lot of great writers too numerous to mention, and I'd better not mention any of them because if I leave one of them out I'll never hear the end of it. (And besides, I've linked to their posts at this blog before so you might recognize them anyway.) Site registration at Swish Appeal is free, but you do have to establish an identity there in that you have to sign up for a user name. (This drives posters away for some reason. I can't figure it out.) I will say that the writing is top-notch, and not because I'm writing for it.

The platform at Swish Appeal is much more flexible than the one at, and it's just a damned sight simpler to post there - as a matter of fact, you can use the "Fanposts" feature and post your own content if you've got an issue that you feel you can't confine to the comments at Pleasant Dreams.

I was very reluctant to close down the blog. But no, the blog isn't closing down. It's just moving.

Am I going to stop following the Atlanta Dream? No way. I'm just going to write about it somewhere else from now on. If you need to locate me, you can still write to me at the address listed at the top of the blog. I have really enjoyed spending time with all of you, and hope to look for you at Swish Appeal.

The blog content will not be folded. This blog will stay up as long as continues to support it. The archives shall remain public. But, barring some unforseen circumstance it shall no longer be updated. So update your blog rolls for those of you that use that feature.

And now...we wave the magic wand, we wish Pleasant Dreams to all of you, and we move all of our Atlanta Dream love and paraphernelia over to Swish Appeal. See you there and GO DREAM!