Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living on Tulsa Time

An article about the BOK Center in Tulsa has the following blurb:

Tulsa and the BOK Center should know by the end of September whether they will gain a WNBA team, Bolton said. That will help keep the facility busy, with 17 home games during the summer months that are traditionally slow for indoor concerts.

"The problem (the team's backers) are having right now is that people haven't experienced that product, so it's hard to gain 100 percent commitments ... in terms of investments, sponsorships and premium seat holders," he said. "But I'm optimistic. The venue is moving in the direction that this is going to happen."

Hmmm. Maybe the WNBA should have given Tulsa an October deadline instead of a September one. That way, President Orender could just say, "well, I was waiting until the WNBA Finals were over before I announced."

How much time does Tulsa need again?

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