Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dream Looking Forward to 2010

The Associated Press gives us some clues as to what 2010 will be like in Atlanta.

Don't expect the Atlanta Dream to overhaul their roster again next season, not after the second-biggest one year turnaround in WNBA history.

Coach Marynell Meadors says there will be a few additions after the Dream followed up their four-win 2009 inaugural campaign with 18 victories.

Remember the motto of this blog: CLICKING THE LINK SHOWS YOUR LOVE. How will reporters know that you like basketball if you don't click on the writing?

Among the clues:

* Expect Holdsclaw, Snow and Lyttle back next year.
* Chamique Holdsclaw will play in Poland in the off-season. I wonder if she'll join Iziane Castro Marques in Krakow?
* Meadors will look for some help in the frontcourt for de Souza.
* Atlanta is looking for more depth at point guard. (I suspect that either Latta, Miller or both are gone after this season.)

"We will not be happy until we are wearing rings on our fingers," Meadors said. "We've prove we can play. Now, it's up for us to take to another level."

I just hope Holdsclaw gets some rest. Doesn't the Polish season start on October 1st?


Unknown said...

I hope Latta won't be shown the door again. She had some good games this year. Miller, however, I'm not sure about. Has she had any really great games?

Brazilian said...

Erika de Souza won`t play next year. She will play for Brazilian National Team

Anonymous said...

Meadors does not respect Latta's talents she will regret it but she is obviously not the style pg that she likes she might be better off with a team that actually likes her skill set. Meadors likes the more conservative set the offense up style like Lehning. If Tulsa gets a team thay will definitely take Ivory from us because I know Meadors wont protect her...She might be a free agent im not sure?

Anonymous said...

All this talk about next season is interesting. So, I wonder when the Season Ticket Holders will hear something about ticket renewals...

ATLDreamFan17 said...

I suspect Coco may go. I doubt Shalee will be going anywhere, she has a lot of potential especially if she can improve her shot and MM likes her. Ivory is up in the air IMO, Atlanta fans love her but we all know she won't get the respect she deserves here no matter how hard she works. Jennifer may go...a few bench changes and we should take the Eastern Conference in 2010.