Saturday, September 12, 2009

Statement from the Management

The WNBA Brasil blog has resumed posting. I'm glad to see it back, and a post from the blog's author has inspired me to make the following post on behalf of the current blog management (me). To those of you who run blogs, the following statement is generally taken for granted.

Pleasant Dream - An Atlanta Dream blog is a labor of love.

It is the goal of the current blogger to post as consistently as possible. However, circumstances might occur which might interrupt consistency of posting. The blogger has both a personal life and a work life. Pleasant Dreams - An Atlanta Dream blog is not an organization. It is not operated by either the Atlanta Dream or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, nor is the blogger financially supported by either entity. If the blogger has received assistance from either organization, it does not come in the form of direct monetary compensation.

Occasionally, events occur in the author's personal life which must take priority over running a non-compensated blog. There is not even a guarantee that the blogger will be able to attend every Atlanta Dream home game, and occasionally, internet difficulties or the blogger's personal life might prevent the following of games on WNBA Live Access. The goal is to make clear to the readers which games the writer has attended. If the impression is left otherwise, PD regrets leaving that impression.

None of the above should be taken as a snub to the blog's loyal readership. PD cares very much for its readership, and always looks for ways to improve the blog. This statement is simply posted as clarification.

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