Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pleasant Dreams Blog Apologizes

From Jeff Schultz at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

1. And finally, “Sunny Day! …”
Two weeks ago I wrote about the possibility that the Atlanta Dream (a women’s basketball team) would be kicked out of Philips Arena if it made the playoffs in the WNBA (a women’s basketball league). Why? Because the arena was booked for “Sesame Street Live!” Of course, I mocked the Dream. It’s what I do. Also, Elmo rocks! This position infuriated the seven WNBA fans in town (or possibly one fan masquerading as seven readers). Well, it happened. The Dream made the playoffs. Their games were relocated, I believe to a street corner in Lawrenceville. Given this morning’s theme, the Count, Elmo, Oscar and I have an announcement to make: We don’t stinkin’ apologize.

If the Pleasant Dreams blog has inadvertantly left the impression that Mr. Schultz is a journalist, we apologize profusely.


afoundingfan said...

That guy is pretty much an equal opportunity hater.

I heard back from Jaime Gumbrecht, who thanked me for the note and also said that she totally wasn't qualified to write about sports. Like anyone else at the AJC is really writing about the Dream?

But Schultz's comments and the AJC's behavior, particularly recently given the Dream's turnaround, provide another topic for discussion, perhaps on a larger scale (rebkell?)...do other media outlets in other WNBA cities blatantly ignore/bash their teams simply because they are women's bball teams or is the AJC's haterade pretty much an exclusive of a city with a team?

Anonymous said...

I think it is exclusive to an incompetent paper with few people actually left on staff and a history of weak reporting in the sports department.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

I agree with Phoenix Stan, without this blog the Dream fans would be "up the creek". I have to shake my head at the AJC. It's a shame no one on staff appreciates or respects the Dream enough to cover the team regularly and accurately.

I'm all for a discussion of this topic afoundingfan, it seems other WNBA teams get much more support from their cities papers than the Dream. I'd love to chalk it up to us being a new team but as you stated the turnaround has been amazing; definitely worth writing about.