Friday, September 18, 2009

Two and Out

Atlanta fell 94-79 tonight at the Arena at Gwinnett Center. It was the second loss in a best-of-three series. Detroit wins 2-0 and moves on to the Eastern Conference finals.

Atlanta's season is over.

What else is there to say? Here's the box score to look at, although you'll probably be like me, crawled up in a corner somewhere.

As you might understand, I might not blog on Saturday. Depends on how I feel.

UPDATE: pilight has inadvertently cheered me up:

We signed you up to be our team leader
And be an asset to our fledgling team
We didn't plan on you riding the cedar
While the bullies from Detroit ended the Dream

Where oh where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over and thought I found true love
You met another and Phht! you were gone

Oh well. Chamique and Shalee will be healthy next year.


pilight said...

Marynell Meadors is now 0-5 in playoff games, the worst record in WNBA history.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

*sigh* oh well, maybe next season. A coaching change and maybe an aquisition or two and we're a definite threat for the Eastern Conference Finals.

It was a good regular season and the Dream can definitely be proud of what they accomplished in year 2. I can't wait for the Pleasant Dreams end-of-season write-up.

audsquad said...

Sorry that ATL lost, but it was definitely a fun series to watch. Good to see AP playing so well last night. Was it my imagination, or does the Dream use her at PG at times? I was surprised, but ya'll made it work pretty good.

ATL will come back stronger next year. Congrats Dream and Dream fans on a GREAT season!