Friday, September 18, 2009

Fox Fail

From Sports Business Daily:’s Web series "Cubed" may have pushed the line too far with its debut episode. The Web site early Friday afternoon pulled the launch episode of "Cubed" and replaced it with a much more politically correct version. Female nudity that made up about 35 seconds of the 16-minute clip was at first pixilated and then later removed entirely. Also, some of the raunchier segments were deleted completely, including a discussion among the show’s three main characters about whether they would rather watch the WNBA or gay porn.

According to the article, "Reviews of the premiere, which launched Thursday afternoon, were universally negative."

Well, this is what you get when the average emotional age of your sports journalists is 13. Hell, I don't know, maybe you should hire some more women. Just puttin' it out there, geniuses; a little diversity might have kept you from footbulleting.

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