Friday, September 11, 2009

Shalee Lehning: "Our Destiny is in Our Own Hands"

Shalee Lehning has a new entry under her blog for her hometown newspaper. Lehning first mentions the long road trip that the Dream have just finished:

We spent an extra day in between games so that time was spent in Sacramento. I didn’t explore much of that city. I spent my time doing homework so that was a pretty mundane city for me. However, Joy and Cherri Anne Jacquart made the trip all the way from Sublette again to watch. They had some family that lived close so their family came as well so it was fun to meet them. Two of the girls were in high school and they made an “Atlanta Dream” sign for me so that was neat to see. Joy forgot the famous “Sublette Loves Shalee” sign so they made a new sign that said “Sublette Loves 5” and supposedly a lady came up and asked who “Sublette” was because she didn’t see anyone with that last name!

Lehning also thinks that Phoenix is beautiful. So do I. My wife, who was raised there, has come to a different conclusion.

She also mentions tonight's game:

Now we are back in Atlanta for a week before we play our last home game against Connecticut. Right now we are one win away from making the playoffs. That is such an exciting thought! To think that in my first professional season my team is lined up to make the playoffs is pretty remarkable. However, we have to take care of business our last two games or we won’t make it. Basically, our destiny is in our own hands. We have played all season to be in this position so now we need to make sure that we don’t let this opportunity slip between our fingers.

To top off the excitement of the magnitude of this game, my sister and her husband are coming to watch!

We'll have to say "hi" if they identify themselves.


Joy said...

Have I mentioned that I love this girl? How could one not? She embraces everything life hands her and makes the most of it! I wish you could all drive down main street in Sublette, Kansas just to see where Shalee comes from. It really is small town America and for her to be able to play in the WNBA is almost surreal to her hometown fans. It gives us all a great deal of pride in our community to know that Shalee is successful. This probably doesn't make sense to most of you -- it's a small town thing! :)

BTW, I want to clarify, it was my mother who forgot the sign, NOT ME!!!! We were in Sacramento when mom realized it was in the car back in Denver so we rushed around making a replica!

No matter what happens in the next two games, this season truly has been a Dream! You're all great fans -- keep it up!!!!!

Ethan said...

Hooray for Atlanta! I got Live Access to work correctly, and just in time for a fantastic shellacking (of Connecticut)! I was looking for you in the crowd but Art Eckman's head was probably in the way. :-)

ATLDreamFan17 said...

Shalee is officially in my top 2 fav Dream players. I knew she had the ability to hit the outside shot when given the opportunity and she ended up Dreamer of the Game. I finally was able to say more than 2 words to her during the autograph session and she comes across as a genuine person. Way to Shalee and way to go Dream!