Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prescient, or No?

"There are three things that will fold a league -- players' pay, travel and arenas, and we're on top of all three."

--Bill Byrne, president, Women's (Professional) Basketball League (1978-81)


Z. Green said...

I would say no. I think the WNBA has done a good job with all three so far. Just wondering if you've read Mad Seasons by Karra Porter. I Love your blog by the way.


pt said...

I've definitely read excerpts from it. And by "excerpts" I mean, "I read as much of it as the Free Google Books Reader would allow me to." My goal is to find the statistics for the all three seasons of the WBL, but that's going to be either difficult or impossible.

Thanks re the blog. I see that you're going to live blog Atlanta/Detroit. There goes that idea! ::smile::

Z. Green said...

All I can say is it is worth the 12 dollars I spent on Amazon. Not a lot of stats, but great book and insight. Probably one of my favorite books ever. Ha. Well, I'm done live blogging for now. The rest of the series is all yours.