Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orender Interviews for LPGA Position

From Golf Digest:

So who fits the bill as golf insiders with business experience? The two names getting the most juice are Donna Orender (shown on the left alongside Amy Mickelson last week at the Samsung World Championship), president of the WNBA and a former VP with the PGA Tour who was involved in TV negotiations there, and Pete Bevacqua, the Chief Business Officer of the USGA who has helped direct a streamlining of the operation at golf's governing body. According to sources, both have been interviewed by Spencer Stuart and both have some important supporters backing their candidacies. Both also have roots in golf and strong business experience.

So Orender has actually interviewed with the LPGA. Does this mean that she wants out of her job, or that she just wants an even better job?

The post I wrote early this year might have some importance if Orender leaves her post as WNBA president. See the bottom paragraphs.

(Maybe Gary Cavalli should be placed on speed dial?)

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