Saturday, September 12, 2009

Her First Dream Game

Poster ljohnverrell at the Atlanta Dream Message Board tells the story of inviting her family to see the Dream/Sun game - including her five year old niece, who likes LeBron James and complains that women can't dunk.

The game starts and Izzy makes the first couple of baskets..Shantrese goes shes good and starts going #8 this and #8 that..who do you like auntie she asks? I said #35, her name is Angel. Then Sancho gets hot and she says I like her too #20! And then in comes Michele and Shantrese is going #2! #2! She's tall! Then Erika starts rebounding and making baskets and Shantrese goes they're ALL good! I say "yeah--they are!"

After the first quarter Shantrese wants popcorn. We get it for her. Then she wants thundersticks and we get those. Then Star comes up and she starts waving at him, (he didn't see her) But she laughed everytime he came close. Halftime and we're winning by a bunch and I ask Shantrese if she has to go to the restroom and she says "yes, but I don't want to miss anything." I told her that it'll take a minute. We come back for the second half with a hot dog this time.


Are we going to the playoff game? Is Star going to be there? I had about a hundred questions on the ride back to Lithonia from a little girl that didn't want to be a Dream fan--but became one just by being in Phillips Arena tonight. It was unbelievable!! I so proud of the Dream and glad I took my neice! Looks like I'll have to get kid season tickets too next year if there is such a thing! :D

Clearly, another satified customer. Hope to see you in Gwinnett next week!

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