Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salary Cap in Poland for 2010/11?

From a Polish basketball message board:

The Presidents wish to limit the earnings basketball
author: David Bilski source: Gazeta Wroclaw

Changes in demand members of the Supervisory Board of Polish Women's Basketball League. They occur only at the earliest, however, the 2010/2011 season. Representatives of the clubs want to introduce restrictions on earnings basketball.

According to activists, mainly Polish athletes make high financial conditions, knowing full well that the current rules there is demand for their performances. "We want to reduce the amount of earnings Poles, according to established rules or formula adopted by the open league, which will employ any number of international basketball. It can not be that the players, knowing that it protects the provision under which the whole match two Polish women to be on the floor, fix the financial conditions in excess of commonsense thinking" - says Krzysztof Korsak, president of CCC Polkowice.

In October, members of the Supervisory PLKK to sit together with the authorities of the Polish Association of Basketball to the talks. The discussion will be rolled over the shape of the top league matches in the season 2010/2011. All changes should be known by June next year.

With the folding of CSKA and Poland (a mid-level power) wanting to put in salary limitations, it might be tough times for players looking for supplemental income in the off-season.

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