Monday, September 21, 2009

Tulsa Could Fall Short By End of Month

From Bob Corwin at Full Court Press:

Tulsa has not yet raised enough funds to buy a WNBA franchise. Word has it that former University of Arkansas men’s coach Nolan Richardson, who has been targeted as the future Tulsa head coach, was offered a piece of the franchise ownership to try to bring him on board. WNBA President Orender is trying to give Tulsa extra time to raise sufficient capital. In her most recent comment about the possibility of a team in Tulsa, Orender implied that the team could be an expansion team or a franchise relocation.

The rest of Corwin's article concerns the health of the three WNBA teams that everyone is paying close attention to:

Atlanta: As far as I can tell, the Dream have not sent out their requests for season ticket renewals. (Then again, it could be that the Dream might change venue.)

Detroit: Karen Davidson didn't exactly offer reassuring words regarding the continuation of women's basketball in Detroit.

Indiana: The article must have been written before the Fever organization sent their season ticket renewal packets out. That's no guarantee that the Fever will be here next year, since Houston did the same thing.

We'll keep ya posted with what we know, which ain't a lot.


Ethan said...

Sorry in advance, but:

I wouldn't be shocked (groan) to see Detroit relocate. If anything, that would be preferable to flat-out folding a la Houston.

Anonymous said...

I missed something why does Detroit want to relocate? I thought they had great fans?

Anonymous said...

Detroit has given away almost all of their tickets for years....few pay to watch. They own the building and partly make it up on parking and concessions etc. but still it makes it hard to ever start actually charging for tickets...

utc said...

Pet..why did you put ATL on this list. When the STH's got the invoices for the playoffs they were told that used money would be rolled into season tickets for 2010.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

utc.. saying money will roll over to next season doesn't exactly ensure a 2010 season for the Dream. Just as selling season tickets doesn't ensure an actual season (Houston). It was a better business option than refunding money IMO. I'm not being negative, I'm simply stating one doesn't necessarily make the other so.

I think it was Rebecca Lobo's tweet where I saw a picture of free Detroit tickets laying around and a mention that they could be easily found. t makes sense though, once someone has been given a product for free it's hard to convince them to start paying for the exact same product.