Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holdsclaw on NBA-TV

I really should have posted about this last night, but the commentator paired up with Andre (Aldridge?) last night for both the Indiana-Detroit game and the Phoenix-Los Angeles game was Atlanta's own Chamique Holdsclaw. My understanding is that the studio was located in Atlanta, so it wasn't exactly a long flight for Holdsclaw.

There was no in-game commentary from Holdsclaw. Aldridge and Holdsclaw limited their commentary to halftime and post-and-pre game. I think that Holdsclaw did a commendable job, very soft spoken and feeling no need to create excess verbiage. I hope that Holdsclaw gets a chance at announcing after her career is over, if she doesn't go into coaching.


Ethan said...

I thought that was her. I didn't tune in to Live Access until after they said who the studio people were.

afoundingfan said...

She had a very relaxed delivery. There was no trying to prove anything. Very refreshing.

Was it me or did her legs seem 10 feet long sitting in those low chairs? :)