Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Insights From Tulsa

Word from the Tulsa Beacon is that the Tulsa Talons - the arenafootball2 team in Tulsa - will be moving to San Antonio. The reason being given was that the Talons wanted their per-game rental of the BOK Center in Tulsa decreased from $15,000 a game ($10,000 on Mondays) to $7,500 a game. The city supposedly wants to reduce rental rates on a scale as attendance increases.

What is interesting is some of the numbers excerpted from the article:

Talons pay BOK Center Rent of $15,000 per game for games on Saturday nights and $10,000 Rent per game on Monday nights

Talons receive 20 percent of concession sales money received by BOK Center. Talons receive 100 percent of merchandise sales for team merchandise sold inside the venue.

I wonder if the Dream recoups some money from both concession sales and from team merchandise sold at Philips. If so, that would definitely be a way for fans to support the team - eat more stuff!

P. S.: According to our anonymous commenter, the better way for Dream fans at Philips to support the team - outside of showing up - is to buy some team merchandise. Get your shopping done before December!


Anonymous said...

No on concessions, yes on merchandise.

Tulsa Talons are just pushing the city for a better arena deal. I think they sense that the WNBA deal is weak and they know city would panic if BOK lost football and had no WNBA also. They also want to maintain weekend supremacy over WNBA if they stay in Tulsa, which would be an issue for Tulsa WNBA.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Talons are really worried about WNBA honestly. They are pretty successful team from what I hear. I cannot imagine the city letting them leave but maybe the owner has already decided to go and this is just a game to pretend he cares about staying...would not be the first owner to play games regarding moving!