Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take This As You Will

From the Sports Business Daily website:

The WNBA regular season ended on Sunday with the league seeing an average of 8,000 fans per game, up slightly from '08, and the third consecutive year with an average attendance increase. The Mystics led the league with 11,338 fans per game at Verizon Center, a jump of 24.6% from last season. Three...



audsquad said...

That's good to hear. Glad to see the Mystics are getting back to their attendance-banner-winning ways! The season started later this year so that probably had something to do with it...more kids being out of school for a larger portion of the season and whatnot. As you say, you still gotta take these numbers with a grain of salt. I don't necessarily believe that the WNBA reports the raw numbers accurately, but I do tend to believe that they are accurately reporting the overall trends (ie. overall increases or decreases in attendance numbers).

afoundingfan said...

There is a new attitude in Washington with the new coach and FO staff and a decent record for a change. Glad to see the attendance appears to be going up after all these years of futility. And hats off to those fans who stayed on after losing season after losing season after coaching change etc. There was no more frustrated WNBA fan than a Mystics fan! Chicago may be taking over that mantle.