Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dream Fall 94-89 in Game One

I don't want to write about this game. But I feel that I'm going to have to write about it.

Dream held scoreless for 5:02 in the third quarter.

We lose an 18 point lead. I think this was the biggest lead in the WNBA that was overcome this season. The box score is here.

Down 90-89, Deanna Nolan is forced to go to the bench due to an injury. Marynell Meadors gets a chance to choose the Detroit player who will take Nolan's free throws. She chooses Crystal Kelly. Kelly is hitting 84 percent for the year. Sanni is hitting 69 percent, Braxton is hitting 64 percent.

Meadors chooses Kelly. Kelly hits both free throws. Later on, the mic - Meadors was wired for sound during the game - implies that Meadors or her assistant coaches might not have known which players on the Detroit bench were good free throw players. Coach of the Year?

Now, it's do or die. I have another post in mind, but I think I'll hold off until Atlanta's season ends. Hopefully, that won't be on either Friday or Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

yes that free throw decision as so dumb and key...I was yellin at the TV when they said she was 84%

Unknown said...

Never in my life have I turned off a basketball game due to frustration. I usually stick things out to the bitter end. Not this time. Words cannot describe how upset I was with the bulk of the second half of the game. We pretty much handed it over to Detroit on a silver platter. Hopefully we can pick it up when we get back to ATL.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

*crickets*...I'm speechless. Instead of pointing out all that went wrong (I'll leave that for you, petrel) I'll just say...let's hope the Dream can put this game behind them and only bring back to Georgia the knowledge they need to put Detroit away.

kansasdreamfan said...

I'll echo what ATLDreamfan17 said. There is a lot of learning that needs to happen between now and Friday. Sadly, this wasn't the first time we played Detroit so I thought most of the learning should have already taken place.