Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Those Other Series, Elsewhere

Indiana vs. Washington: Washington had heart, but they just didn't have Indiana's talent. 2-0 Indiana, as both series in the Eastern Conference end up as sweeps.

This poses a real difficulty as to who to root for in the Eastern Conference Finals. If Indiana wins, then the Dream are really third place - Indiana beats Detroit, which beats Atlanta. If Detroit wins, then...Detroit is in the finals, enough said.

Seattle vs. Los Angeles: Los Angeles won that won 2-1 on Seattle's home court in probably the worst-officiated playoff game in WNBA history. Yes, I know you can't blame series on the officials, but I think that Los Angeles's win should have an asterisk next to it. Seattle goes out in the first round for like the fourth year in a row or something.

Phoenix vs. San Antonio: 2-1 in favor of Phoenix. I watched that deciding game last night. It was a track meet. "You think you can hang with us, San Antonio? Try to catch up." San Antonio did as well as they could, but ran out of oomph.

This sets up a Phoenix vs. Los Angeles Western Conference Final. I'm leaning towards Phoenix because

a) I'm in contact with more Phoenix fans than L. A. fans,
b) if Los Angeles wins, we'll never hear the end of "This is Lisa Leslie's final year in the WNBA", and
c) there's the danger that those Seattle/Los Angeles referees will show up again.


Ethan said...

I like LA, and like Candace Parker. What I don't like are the constant reminders that she HAD A BABY back in MAY. Okay, we get it!

Phoenix is akin to the Indy Colts in that the sheer production on the offensive side makes up for a lack of defense. Plus, though I couldn't stand her at first, Phoenix has Diana Taurasi and LA doesn't.

Nothing like back to back series where I hate to see one of the sides lose. So all I can say right now is "may the best team win."

Unknown said...

I am so over Lisa. I wish the Sparks would just lose already so we could stop hearing about her. Not to take away from what she has done for the league or how great her game is, but it's time that the playoff games stop being chapters of the Lisa Leslie Farewell Tour.

And I agree with the above poster about Candace Parker. Sure she's made tremendous progress for someone that's given birth, but they're acting like she just had chemo treatments or something. Given how young she is and how in shape she was before she had the baby, OF COURSE she is going to come back strong.

I have a feeling those Storm referees are conspiring with the WNBA to produce a Sparks-Shock final. You just know all the WNBA analysts would jump for joy over that.

mdar said...

Ummmm, the teevee doesn't bleat on and on about Parker's baby because of fitness worries -- they have to do it to remind us that she is straight. Note also the fawning coverage of Leslie's toddler... They're all so purty!